How could an organisation...
Occupy an unforgettable place on the internet...?
Win ethical business credibility...?
Fund your choice of worthwhile cause...?
Receive all the costs of these back and more...?

Answer: with the


With so many millions of businesses, yet only tens of thousands of keywords likely to be sought by millions of potential customers, how can you stand out? 

Search optimisation can only do so much. And everyone is at it.

What’s more, many, many web searches do not even begin with information from the internet, but with offline sources such as the press, billboards or TV. 

Which means the customer must remember your brand, unique keyword, or internet address all the way to the keyboard. 

Let’s be honest. For that to happen the memorable thing has to be pretty simple. The simpler it is, the more people will remember. Don’t you think?

The Charity Doubler Domain Game will allow anyone to acquire the use of a very simple, very memorable web address - exclusively for whatever purpose they require. The rest is up to you. 

With the Charity Doubler Domain Game there will be no ads (except your own or others chosen by you), no toolbars, no popups, no tracking code or monitoring, no interference in the content or code of your site of any type whatsoever.

In return for exclusive use of a superdomain your business must make a charitable donation equal to at least 10% of the cost of using this marketing ace.

Example 1

The medium to large business B1 decides to elevate the hitherto obscure domain to promote its web-based business using TV advertising.

In June, Business B1 agrees to lease the highly memorable domain for £100,000 per year from July 1st and chooses charity C1 to receive 10% of this. 

Payment is monthly.

The Lessor receives £8333.33 by the 15th June, with instructions from the Lessee. 

The Lessor maps DNS to B1 server or creates a redirect page from to B1’s site before July. 

B1’s chosen charity receives £833.33 (10%) by the end of June from the Lessor on the Lessee’s behalf.

Recover The Cost And More

At any time B1 can agree to sell on the lease for to business B2. 

The Charity Doubler Domain Game conditions for this are as follows:

The charity award from B2 must at least double;

The net fee to the Lessor must increase by at least £1, and;

14 days’ notice is required.

From the date of transfer, payment to C1 will cease - unless B2’s chosen charity C2 happens to be the same as that of C1. Potential benefactors are thus encouraged to compete.

Example 2 – A 10% Increase

B1 will recover part, all, or more than his costs so far, on the basis of a 60:40 split of the price increase between the first Lessee and Lessor, after the charitable deduction. 

Remember, the charitable component must at least double with every re-lease. For participating in the re-leasing B1 will continue to receive 60% of the increase until the superdomain is passed on again.

If the annual price to B2 was £110,000 the monthly proceeds from following the transfer would be divided as follows:

Payment by B2 to Lessor 9166.67
Price increase P 833.34
Payment to C2 1666.66
Payment to B1 (P x 0.6) 500.00

Example 3 – A 167% Increase 

This is the size of increase required to recover the original cost to B1 if the term of the lease for B2 is the same as that of B1.

The annual price to B2 is £267,000

So on a monthly basis:

Payment by B2 to Lessor 22250.00
Price increase P 13916.67
Payment to C2 1666.66
Payment to B1 (P x 0.6) 8350.00

Example 4 – A Succession of Miserly Increases

The lower limits on the price increase to successive users are the charity component which doubles with every transfer of user and the £1 net fee minima.

Someone might be interested in a succession of multiple transfers between very stingy users. Tabulated below are the payments to the Lessor on the left, and benefit to the charity on the right. 

B1 £10         C1 £1
B2 £12         C2 £2
B3 £15         C3 £4
B4 £20         C4 £8
B5 £29         C5 £16
B6 £46         C6 £32
B7 £79         C7 £64
B8 £144         C8 £128
B9 £273         C9 £256
B10 £530        C10 £512

The minimalist growth formula is a very simple:

New price = Old price – Old charity payment + (Old charity payment x 2) + 1

The periodical returns to each Preceding Lessee in this scenario would remain at 60p.